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One Direction reveals their favourite member of The Wanted… sort of

Posted on March 20, 2012 by

Pop Dust had a difficult question ready for One Direction: “Who’s the cutest member of The Wanted?” Awkward! And mean…

Still, the boys handled the unexpected question well by laughing it off. While two of them considered booking it out the door, Louis pointed the finger at Harry as his favourite member of The Band That Must Not be Named The Wanted leaving his band mate a bit perplexed.

The boys proudly showcased their music trivia knowledge by expertly answering questions about fellow brits The Beatles and Spice Girls. They must be pretty happy right now! They’ve hit number one on Billboard’s Top 200 chart for their album Up All Night. Congrats boys! [Source]

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  • TasteTheRainbowBayyBayy;)

    Zayn is my favorite member of One Direction, and as for The Wanted, it’s probably that Max guy or whatever. :P