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Five best “house party” movies to watch this March Break

Posted on March 14, 2012 by

In honour of Project X, our resident columnist Cassandra Gallo put together a top five list of the best house party movies to watch this March Break. Who knows? Maybe the movies will serve as inspiration for your own March Break bash. 

Want to know what the key to becoming legendary is? It’s simple. Just throw an epic house party, one that people will talk about for months after.

For your mission to be successful, you need more than a basement with the latest Top 20 tracks playing on your iPod’s speakers. And you need more than a few of your friends gathered around discussing the latest Justin Bieber songs. To become legendary, you need an empty house, a few hundred people, and Bieber not only to be talked about at the party but to actually be there.

Okay, the standards are high but the outcome is usually sensational. Many have tried to throw a class A bash and many have failed. To those who only wish they could throw a bash like this, I invite them to take inspiration from this list of top five teen party movies, created in honour of the theatrical release of Project X.

1) Superbad (2007)

Here’s the movie that coined the name McLovin. It follows three friends (Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse) as they try to fulfill their promise to buy alcohol for a hot girl’s party. Oh, and they want to jump-start their sex life too. This movie is hilarity at it’s best, as these three friends want to end their high school career with a “bang.”

2) American Pie (1999)

Apple pie never looked the same after the release of this teen favourite. It follows a group of guys who make a pact to get laid by their senior prom… specifically at Stifler’s after-party. This movie has it all; beautiful girls, raunchy humor, and an unforgettable post prom party. It wouldn’t hurt to catch up on all the American Pie films (even the bad ones) in preparation for their upcoming reunion.

3) Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

There’s one thing we party goers have learnt through the years … parties are messy! Either your so called best friend hooks up with your ex-boyfriend or you want to finally land a special night with your longtime crush. This movie gives us faith that parties make the unexpected possible. The film follows different students from separate cliques as they try and make the seemingly impossible possible.

4) House Party (1990)

Sneaking out, getting arrested, and dancing with hot girls/guys is the typical formula to follow when you decide to attend any rager — at least it is in the movie world. House Party is just the type of movie to prove you can get away with these things. When Peter (Christopher Martin) announces that his parents are going out of town and that he’s having a party, his house becomes the destination of the year. No matter what life throws at them the characters in this movie strive to make it to this party. RSVP at the door.

5) Risky Business (1984)

Dancing in your underwear alone at home is something we all secretly do (just me?) and Tom Cruise made it socially acceptable. In the movie Risky Business, Joel Goodsen miraculously throws a house party co-hosted with a prostitute, all while conducting his college interview. Win!

Risky Business

When your party is over and morning light starts to trickle through your window you can begin to nurse that hangover. Wait, who are we kidding? Still craving more? Here are three runner-up movies that nearly made the cut: Animal House (the classic!), Sixteen Candles, Weird Science.

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