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Jeremy Lin has weed named after him

Posted on March 10, 2012 by


Jeremy Lin now has yet another thing named after him.

Dubbed Linsanity OG, there’s a new strain of marijuana inspired by the New York Knicks’ basketball player.

And rappers are already endorsing the product.

This morning, rapper Stalley  tweeted a photo of the bud for for the whole world to see.  Rick Ross, who apparently took Stalley shopping, also Instagram’d a picture.

Looking at the label, it appears that an eighth of an ounce of Linsanity OG costs $60.

Thankfully for Jeremy Lin fans who don’t smoke marijuana, there are several other “Linspired” products to purchase that are probably safer and more affordable.

Well, maybe except the Jeremy Lin rookie card or the boxer briefs from Harvard.

Jeremy Lin-Mint Shake

Jeremy Lin boxer briefs from Harvard (bidding for $1,000!)

Taste The Lin-Sanity Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry’s

Jeremy Lin Rookie Card (selling for $21,580)


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