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Stop everything, Lindsay Lohan is a redhead again

Posted on March 9, 2012 by

I think the Debbie Harry comparisons have been nabbing at Lindsay Lohan lately because she returned to her red hair colour. While I don’t have a strong leaning toward either camp, her new colour has been trending for some reason this morning, right there next to news of the U.S. Republican race. No, really.

During her recent SNL hosting gig she wore a red wig for one of the sketches, prompting many people to tweet their preference for the hair colour. I can’t imagine visiting the hair salon for a quick trim or highlights and then having it all over the media the next day.

But it leads us to the important question, which colour do you prefer?

Debbie Harry (left) versus Lindsay Lohan.

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One response to “Stop everything, Lindsay Lohan is a redhead again”

  1. Lindsay Lohan reverts back to her trademark red locks. Is this her turning a new leaf and exorcising her bad image? Or is it just a response to the paparazzi mistaking her for Debbie Harry? Will she resurrect or her image…or will her image resurrect her?

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