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Internet crack: teen magician and baby escape

Posted on March 9, 2012 by

We considered today’s best viral videos through the lens of wins and fails.

WIN: Teen magician is actually funny

This teen magician gets mega laughs from the audience, but it’s genuine laughter, not a few stifled giggles from his parents and their friends. The magician does the tricks we’re all used to: turning purple ribbons blue and splitting them in two. But we kept watching because of his sense of humor, which is basically in line with a young Sheldon Cooper mixed with Bill from Freaks and Geeks. The kid is also introduced by Neil Patrick Harris, which isn’t too shabby. [reddit]

FAIL: Reporter walks into a pole

This CTV reporter is chasing after a source who doesn’t want to comment on the story. He’s so focused on asking questions that he doesn’t even realize the giant pole right in front of him. Worse, his collision is all caught on camera and then put in slow motion for our benefit. I guess the good thing is, his source stopped to help him up. Maybe he got the story after all?

FAIL… AND THEN WIN! Baby escapes from crib

This mischievous baby was planning his great escape for a while so his mom decided to put a camera in his room to see how it all unfolded. At first the little tyke falls back into his crib but he’s more successful the second time round.

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