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LMFAO covered by Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young then travels to 1920s

Posted on March 3, 2012 by

We know the big question on everyone’s minds this weekend is, what would an LMFAO song sound like if Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young sang it?

Not to worry, Jimmy Fallon has you covered. Springsteen and Fallon, er, I mean Neil Young, sang an acoustic version of the song “Sexy and I Know It.” Fallon donned a low hat and rocked out on the harmonica and guitar while Springsteen wore his infamous red bandanna and denim vest. They’re both totally sexy and they know it.

The song was performed to close out Springsteen Week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

The other question on your mind is obvs, what would LMFAO sound like in the 1920s? Maybe I’m feeling sentimental becuase I watched The Artist today, but I kind of like this ultra cheesy Charleston version of “Party Rock Anthem.” The exact song they mashed it with is called Green Hill Instrumental.

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