Snoop Dogg Got Roofied At The Playboy Mansion

Posted on February 29, 2012 by

In the latest instalment of Vice Magazine’s “Project X”, Snoop confesses that he was drugged at one of Hugh Hefner’s parties.

He was walking around with a “big ol’ pimp cup” filled with the world’s biggest Mimosa when a couple of playboy bunnies kidnapped his drink. Snoop wasn’t paying attention and that’s when he suspects someone dropped a roofie into his pimp cup.  Luckily, the scumbag that slipped them the pill ended up sedating Snoop instead of the playmates.

He eventually blacked out and fell down a flight of stairs but thankfully had some bunnies to nurse him back to health. The story ends much like how any Snoop Dogg story should, he gets high with a bunch of people and shows some girls his magic stick (remix).

Moral of the story: the playboy mansion lives up to its reputation. So if you’re lucky enough to get an invite, keep your eyes on your “big ol’ pimp cup”.

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