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Funny or Die’s conservative “health experts” tackle birth control

Posted on February 28, 2012 by

Oh yes, they went there. The team at Funny or Die created this satirical video about a woman’s access birth control. The video comes after a U.S. panel on birth control and religion in which there was no female representation.

Nick Offerman, Tim Meadows, Judd Nelson and Kurtwood Smith play the privileged, conservative male “health experts” spewing out stereotypes and dangerous myths about uteruses and basic human rights.

“Women don’t know the first thing about their own health,” says one of the experts, “but they’re good at other things like poetry and real estate.”Another zinger: “Why don’t we ask a woman what she thinks? Because she would faint from the stress.”

So if you can’t get through the panel this hilarious video should just about sum it up for you.

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