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Twitter Stalking: Rihanna stays in bed and Wiz Khalifa says happy birthday

Posted on February 27, 2012 by

Today, Twitter was harshly divided between those that were doers and those that were feeling a little under the weather. Um, party too much at the Oscars?

First we present Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale and Rihanna who are firmly in the stay-under-the-covers camp, though probably for different reasons. While Demi and Rihanna are clearly too tired from the Oscars, Ashley Tisdale is presumably still angry that she wasn’t nominated. Patience Ashley, your day will come. Nicki Minaj was clearly divided from her counterparts. She not only opted to get out of bed and do something, but to make that something drinking margaritas.

Thoughtful insights came from Wiz Khalifa, who wished his mom a happy birthday, and Ryan Seacrest, who is sending a subliminal message to Sacha Baron Cohen. Message: you do not respect me, you are dead to me (okay that might be a stretch). Deadmau5 had my favourite insight of the day because it’s totally true: “How Its Made” segments ALWAYS feature acid clown music. Finally we have Rainn Wilson who dodged a bullet last night. Luckily he caught himself in time before he let himself congratulate the French for The Artist… joking, we love the French!


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