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VIDEO: Top 100 first world problems

Posted on February 24, 2012 by

A first world problem is typically experienced by people living in industrialized and wealthy countries. Let me break it down for you with some examples:


– Can’t find chapstick (The worst!!)

– You forgot to put deodorant on

– Shower takes a long time to heat up


– People unfollowed you on Twitter

– You forgot to put the silence on your phone when you went to sleep

– Your mom requested to be your friend on Facebook


– Toddlers & Tiaras

– Snooki

– Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber

Out of all the problems in the world to have, buying a $5 coffee that tastes bad isn’t unbearable. CollegeHumor put together this hilarious video listing the top 100 First World Problems (101 if you listen to the very end). Justin Bieber appears no less than 10 times on the list.

What is your first world problem?

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    so true.

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