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Batman’s night out in Toronto

Posted on February 18, 2012 by

If Batman had a night out in Toronto he’d be able to crack all kinds of mysteries. But opening an original, non-spicy, beef jerky stick might be a little tough for him. This seems to be the case when Batman went on the prowl for drugs in Toronto yesterday, scouring the subways, coffee shops and streets in his pursuit.

Batman meets tons of people on his adventure, including legitimate policemen who he insists on ticketing and a random streeter who takes him out to party. His real name is Alex Brovedani, and he’s a stand-up comedian who grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario. He first wore batman’s cape on Halloween and has since taken to the streets with his deep, throaty voice.

Brovedani does a perfect impersonation, though his slow run gives him away. If you, like me, are totally impressed by Batman you can follow him at @TorontoBatman.

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One response to “Batman’s night out in Toronto”

  1. Sean Ward says:

    Toronto Batman rules!!

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