Something Ridiculous Someone Wore in Public

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French pop star Shy’m stepped out on the red carpet at the 2012 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France dressed in a transparent corset.

Who is Shy’m? Has anybody heard of her before? Why does she spell her name all funny? Apparently she’s a big deal in France. All her singles reach the top 10 charts.

And what are the NRJ Music Awards anyways? What does it stand for? I’d look this up but I’m obviously too distracted by her ridiculous outfit. Who gets away with this type of look? It looks like she got attacked by a polar bear in her dressing room.

Amber Rose called. She wants her trashy look back. There’s more photos of the biggest fashion flop over at Buzzfeed.

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2 Responses to “Something Ridiculous Someone Wore in Public”

  1. Arthur says:

    Who is Buia ? Has anybody heard of her before? Why does she spell her name all funny ? Apparently she’s a big deal in Sticky Magazine office !The only thing ridiculous here is your comment, and the only funny thing is how proud you seem to be of your ignorance on fashion and artists apart of north american pre-fabricated Disney clones.

  2. Josh'ua Bar'ne's says:

    I stumbled into this completely by mistake and never leave comments on stuff like this, but I think its kinda interesting. Looking at it, it looks like they made a cast of her (amazing) body, turned that cast into a mold, and then filled that mold with a resin and those white fibers. The fibers conceal for “modesty” but also offer an interesting and soft edge detail where they weren’t captured in the resin. I’m just a manufacturing nerd with an appreciation for music, the arts, and beautiful, stylish women and creative ideas so you’re probably better qualified to cast judgement and spray rude comments all over the internet. Good thing that since I’m clearly not qualified I only have something nice to say. I guess this was supposed to be a “lets all rip on her anonymously and make her cry” moment, but I do not share your opinion. Beautiful! Interesting! Bold! Thanks to you, I’m downloading her music to check it out. Thank god they didn’t have Facebook when the person who wrote this was 9. We have enough internet bullies as it is!

    For other people not too overwhelmed by their own judgmental opinions to learn something, wikipedia explains the NRJ (energy) music awards. Cheers from Baltimore!

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