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There’s Something Dripping Down Christina Aguilera’s Leg…

Posted on January 30, 2012 by

Christina Aguilera was one of the many celebrities who attended Etta James’ funeral this past weekend.

She was set to pay respects with a performance of Etta’s classic “At Last”, but got upstaged by a mysterious substance dripping from her legs.

Some say it’s urine, while some say it’s a spray tan gone wrong. Christina’s has some bad luck on stage as of late. When she sang the national anthem during the Superbowl last year, she messed up the lyrics big time. Girl can’t catch a break!

Christina doesn’t seem to be bothered by all this talk of her “leaky performance”. When she spoke with People Magazine the following day, she had only nice things to say about the late singer.

“Etta wasn’t just any performer, she was a strong woman whose talent came from a place so deep it moved people in ways they never felt before. Losing her was, to me, like losing a part of my soul,” she explained.

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    grow up andpop. 

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