Deadmau5 Releases Angry Song, ‘Cthulhu Dreams’

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Joel Thomas Zimmerman¬†a.k.a. Deadmau5 had a lot to be happy about. He had his own day declared in Las Vegas, he’s nominated for three Grammys this year and is the first Canadian to ever headline at the Rogers Centre.

The notable electronica musician isn’t always floating on cloud nine. There are days where he connects with his darker side, like he did when he created “Cthulhu Dreams”, his angriest song yet. The name stems from a character in a story story by science-fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft.

“So, i made an angry song. cthulhu’s been sleeping for a while, so i woke him up… just a small iteration of the track i love so much. uploading in a few mins,” he wrote to his fans via Facebook.

The song is set to put you in a trance with its sinister beats and a pulsing bass line. You can stream or download the track Zimmerman wrote in his sleep below.

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One response to “Deadmau5 Releases Angry Song, ‘Cthulhu Dreams’”

  1. Realelectronicplz? says:

    Lol I remember when Deadmau5 was halfway decent. I could make this bullshit in ten minutes on garageband if I was that mindnumbingly fail at life.

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