Nick Carter Interview: World Of Warcraft and Extreme Nerdery (3 of 3)

Posted on January 16, 2012 by

When we first met Nick Carter, we were under the assumption that he spent most of his free time on a bed of money playing with precious metals. Contrary to our initial thoughts, we were quick to discover that even though he was a part of one of the largest-grossing groups of our generation, he’s just a regular guy. How do we know this? He plays World of Warcraft. Not only that, he’s the head of his guild, demonstrating that it IS possible to juggle being a hardcore gamer with being a top-selling recording artist. Just remember that the next time you blame your lack of a social life on your devotion to your guild.

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5 Responses to “Nick Carter Interview: World Of Warcraft and Extreme Nerdery (3 of 3)”

  1. natalie jamie litofsky says:

    i wont to see u  in balitmore  nick carter  i am  a big  fan  of your and i  wont to  meet u   i saw u  in may 29  with  the backstreet boys and new kids on the block   in balitmore  with mom   for my 30   brithday  gift  put i wont to meet u  and a  happy  brithday  too

  2. I love his interviews! He’s always so funny and props to the interviewer for doing a great job!

  3. Elle says:

    LOL he’s hardly on World of Warcraft.  Hypocrite.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Armory search for Lord Balgrott – No results found.  Also, he says “when you reach level 70” as like that’s the highest you can go

  5. guest says:

    He meant when you get to 70 you’re sort of wondering where all your time went, not that it’s the highest. Also, if you’ve played before like you’re making it seem you’d know it’s impossible to have the name “Lord Balgrott.” His name’s Balgrott, and his guild is the Kaotic Army.

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