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Funny Or Die: Kristen Bell Reveals She’s Covered In Tattoos

Posted on January 10, 2012 by

Fans of Kristen Bell have been begging for a “Veronica Mars” movie ever since the t.v. show got canned a couple of years ago. While it may not happen any time soon, Bell followers can at least bask in the glow of her hilarious Funny or Die video “Body of Lies”.

The blonde starlet reveals to Inside Hollywood that she’s actually covered from head to toe in tattoos. The video shows the actress arriving at her trailer at 3:30 in the morning to sit in the makeup chair for twelve hours in order for her Kat Von D-like body art to be covered up.

Kristen reveals she has a tat of Steve Urkell from “Family Matters” on her left shoulder-blade, a butterfly for each year the South Africa¬†apartheid¬†was enacted and “insert gear here” under her mouth.

Whether you’re a fan of Kristen Bell or a fan of tattoos, you’ll find this video highly amusing.

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