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Is Dakota Fanning Too Young To Be On The Cover of Cosmopolitan?

Posted on January 6, 2012 by

At only 17, Dakota Fanning is already gracing the cover of such sex-centered magazines like Cosmopolitan. Sure, it’s better than a 17-year-old being on the cover of Hustler, but should such a young star’s face appear so close to titles like “The Best Sex Ever” and “Hey, Vagina, What’s Up?”

Dakota to me will always be that cute innocent girl from “I Am Sam”. Watching her in all those PG family flicks makes me uneasy about the fact she’s slowly on her way to being a sex symbol.

Again, she could be posing in a more provocative magazine but this looks like it’s just only the beginning for Dakota. Wasn’t she in Seventeen last year? I know she’s growing and doesn’t want to be labeled a “child star” for the rest of her life and so this is probably her way of rebelling. I just hope she waits until she’s at least 35 to start negotiating Playboy prices.

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