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Watch Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendez and Jim Carey in Drunk Christmas Video

Posted on December 20, 2011 by

In a special Funny Or Die holiday video, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendez and Jim Carey act out a drunken retelling of the poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. The narrator, Allan McLoud, consumed half a bottle of whiskey and read the poem aloud while the hollywood stars interpret his drunken mumbles and slurring.

Spoiler alert: IT IS AMAZING.

By now we’ve seen just about every incarnation of “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Every single channel since the beginning of television has aired some cheesy made-for-t.v. special featuring an actor hopeful that Christmas will save their career.

Thankfully, the lovely people over at Funny Or Die have resurrected the story and captured the true essence of Christmas: holiday drunkenness. This video is a guaranteed laugh that you can attach to a holiday email for your family or coworkers.

Also, Gosling and Mendez (who have been making headlines as the new “it couple”) play a convincing husband and wife.

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