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The Kardashians Reveal Their Family Christmas Card

Posted on December 19, 2011 by

It’s really¬†embarrassing¬†how the Kardashians try so hard to stay relevent.

The famous family always go over the top with their Christmas cards. Every year they do glamorous family portraits and this year is no exception. Lamar, Khloe’s husband, and Mason, Kourntey’s son are new additions to the family Christmas portraits.

Another new thing the Kardashians are doing this year is making their photo 3D! Kim writes on her website that you can purchase 3D glasses if you want to gander at the multi-dimensional (and multi-rich) family this holiday season.

There’s no other family in the world that tries too hard to be cool. I literally can’t think of anyone that would want to buy this holiday card. My family isn’t the kind of family to partake in any sexy Christmas photo shoots together and I like it that way.

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