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Demi Lovato Gets Another New Tattoo

Posted on December 9, 2011 by
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Just a few weeks ago, Demi made a video for her fans, explaining how they inspired her new tattoos. Now, Demi’s back and showing off her latest motivational tattoo.

Wednesday, Demi posted a photo on Twitter, writing “sometimes you just gotta have a little…” and then showed her new tat that says ‘faith’ in cursive writing.

This ties in nicely with Demi’s “stay strong” message on her wrists. It seems like Demi’s all about keeping positive now that she’s finished treatment and promoting a new, more mature album.





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  • 1one4four3three

    You have a typo in your article. You wrote “that hasn’t stopped Nick Carter” in the first paragraph. Just lettin’ ya know! (I was confused for a good two seconds)