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Katherine Heigl Talks About Balls in Funny or Die Video

Posted on December 1, 2011 by

Actress Katherine Heigl got her big break on t.v. with “Grey’s Anatomy” and on the big screen with “Knocked Up”. Now, she has her big viral break with this Funny or Die video.

Stars like John Stamos and Will Farrell have made videos for the popular website. Even Lindsay Lohan managed to charm the pants off of everyone with an eHarmony profile spoof.

In her first viral vid, Katherine Heigl launches her new campaign in the hopes of saving the world, one testicle at a time. It’s a tongue and cheek performance that essentially encourages everyone to neuter their dogs.

Katherine was so proud of the video, she even tweeted, “So excited y’all are digging #ihateballs and the @funnyordie video. Very grateful for everyone who helped make it happen! Hope it helps!”

The campaign she’s promoting in the video is actually real. Ihateballs.com focuses on getting pets spayed and neutered to control the pet population. You can even buy the shirt she and her dog wear in the video. Check it out below.

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