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Radio DJ Kidd Kraddick Disses Selena Gomez’ Mom

Posted on November 28, 2011 by

Oh No They Didn’t is just reporting of a fallout between radio show host Kidd Kraddick and Selena Gomez.

The two used to be friends since the 19-year-old pop singer’s been on his show several times. Kidd even uses a photo of the two of them as his Twitter profile picture.

But Kidd has recently lost the respect of Selena and her boyfriend Justin Bieber after Kidd allegedly went on the air to say that Selena’s mom is only faking a pregnancy to take the load off of Justin Bieber’s baby drama.

According to ONTD, he also said Selena’s probably the one carrying a baby, adding it’s embarrassing to be pregnant at her age.

Well, since Selena is such a fan, she obviously heard his harsh words on air and took to Twitter to dish him out.

Justin Bieber also rose to his girl’s defense by tweeting “Smooth Kid. Real Smooth SMH.”

If you look on Kidd’s twitter page, he has yet to respond to Selena and Justin’s attacks. We’ll keep you in the loop if this story progresses and if Kidd eventually man’s up and gives the Gomez family an apology.

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6 Responses to “Radio DJ Kidd Kraddick Disses Selena Gomez’ Mom”

  1. Dawnmtorres says:

    I listen to Kidd daily, including today, and he never said anything evil or hateful towards Selena or her family. He did make some comedic comments but after this many years in the entertainment industry and especially what her boyfriend is going through right now, she should be used to jokes at his expense. Here is a link to the show, anyone can listen and hear there is no malice in his comments.


  2. he never said any of that she should have found out the truth before she tweeted

  3. Justin Bieber says:

    It was all a hypothetical joke. They were saying it as if the celeb magazines were going to report it. In fact, Selena and Justin have deleted their tweets.

  4. Calliefornia29 says:

    she’s 19…..

    failure to do basic research is kind of sad…

    I did it within a few seconds–> her birthday: july 22 1992

    trying googling the people you’re going to be gossiping about before posting, eh?

  5. disgustedinTX says:

    lol another source that needs to check facts…guess the news is a little slow these days.

  6. Alsayedheba says:

    i agree!>;o

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