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Conan O’Brien Officiated Televised Same-Sex Wedding

Posted on November 4, 2011 by

Yes!  It happened. On last night’s show, Conan O’Brien delivered a same-sex marriage ceremony as he promised. It also marked the host’s final show taped in his triumphant return to New York and his one-year anniversary with TBS.

Would it be somewhat insensitive to immediately assume that this was all for some ratings? It did successfully result in some media reaction. But, almost all embarrassingly resorted to the classic journalistic expression, pushing the envelope.

Go back 42 years ago, there was a little televised marriage between Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show that shattered rating records. Weddings have always been a go-to for morning talk shows, especially during those crucial sweeps weeks.

Remember this: same-sex marriage is illegal in California, where the show is normally taped. But things are a little different in the state of New York.

Here’s O’Brien officiating the wedding between the show’s costume designer, Scott Cronick, and his partner, David Gorshe:

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