Bieber’s Legal Team Fires Back: He’s Not The Father

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The allegations that Justin Bieber has fathered a child stirred up enough Internet hysteria to warrant an official statement from his legal team. As we suspected, this story is most likely false. According to TMZ, reps for the Sultan Of Swagger are denying the rumours saying that the claims are:

“malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false.”

There are a few celebrities you don’t want to piss off in the entertainment industry and Justin Bieber is one of them. Not only does he have the resources to buy everything you love and destroy it, his legal team is probably even more terrifying. He can afford to hire the type of lawyers that could get Lindsay Lohan off the hook if she shanked someone during another shopping spree at the jewelry store.

What is suspicious, however, is a part of the statement suggesting that there may not have been an actual lawsuit ever filed, saying:

“…we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit” and that they will “vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”

If anyone is wondering what Maury is doing right now, he’s probably selling a kidney trying to get Bieber to participate in what could be the greatest televised event in history. Imagine the ratings he could get Justin to take a paternity test… If nothing else, it might be a good way to promote his Christmas Album.

However, the Biebs will have a tough time trying to top this classic celebration embedded below:

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  1. It does not seem that Justin Biebers can do this, I trust Justin
    biebers legal team.

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