Wiz Khalifa Didn’t Mean The Wedding Prank

Posted on October 5, 2011 by

Wiz Khalifa didn’t mean to prank everyone with the “wedding” pictures from September with Amber Rose.

“That’s my baby. She’s always gonna be there, so when we make it happen, we’ll invite everybody,” he told MTV News. “I promise we didn’t do that on purpose,” Wiz said of the wedding-like pictures of him and Amber that popped up on the Internet.

Wiz says the pictures were from a birthday party with Amber and a few friends while in Las Vegas.

“Man, I couldn’t plan nothing like that,” he told MTV News on the BET Hip Hop Awards black carpet. “I just be chilling. I just be wanting to have a good time, smoke, eat a little weed cake and — boom! — we got married.”

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