Media Fail: Miley Cyrus “Leaked Photo” Is Actually From Old Music Video

Posted on September 22, 2011 by


Despite rumors that this photo was another strange shot from Billy Rae Cyrus’ personal collection, the “leaked photo” everyone has been talking about is actually from one of her music videos. If you look closely you can clearly see Miley wearing the same outfit in her 2010 video for “Who Owns My Heart.” Why or how it ended up causing a media frenzy is still a mystery. Although, this is a good indication that even after she turned eighteen, every pervert on the Internet still wants to see Miley in her underwear.  What’s surprising is no one caught this obvious mistake earlier. If this was a photo taken without her permission, would she be rolling around in gold satin sheets wearing red high heels and makeup? Well, maybe.



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