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Audrina Patridge Says ‘The Hills’ Movie Not Happening

Posted on September 1, 2011 by

There has been speculation of turning MTV’s “reality” hit into a movie, but Audrina Patridge says The Hills movie is not going to happen.

“It’s been talked about, but it’s probably never going to happen,” she told a TMZ cameraman as she left . . . somewhere in a hurry.

We don’t understand how you turn a “reality” TV show into a movie. Seriously, what would the movie be about? And would people actually spend $12 bucks to see it?

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One response to “Audrina Patridge Says ‘The Hills’ Movie Not Happening”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The Hills” as a movie would be fun! Would definitely spend my $12 to see it. And if it meant Audrina would get her Hills body back, it would totally be worth it! Give us back The Hills Audrina! 

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