Amber Rose Disses Kanye West’s Dick

Posted on September 1, 2011 by

There seems to be a little bad blood between Amber Rose and Kanye. Amber badmouthed Kanye’s release Watch The Throne, and also took a jab at Kanye’s dick.

Amber Rose tweeted, “Congrats to @TheGame for having the number 1 album. Watch The Throne is as wack as Kanye’s Di*k anyway.”

As insulting at that might be, we don’t think Jay-Z or Kanye are going to be losing any sleep.

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2 Responses to “Amber Rose Disses Kanye West’s Dick”

  1. Ecuadoriandragon@yahoo.com says:

    Amber your a useless, stop talking u left a musical genius for a no good pothead so do ur self a favor and go back to that strip job you had.

  2. Eliza_Hernandez says:

    Amber ur a puts. I am glad Kanye drop ur ass I hope u die of aids and take wiz with you

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