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Dave Chappelle Checks Text Messages on Stage

Posted on July 23, 2011 by

Dave Chappelle is still not normal, unfortunately. During a gig in Miami last night, Dave bombed his set and started to check his text messages while on stage.

TMZ reports Dave became distracted by fans who were recording him and began conversing with them and refusing to tell jokes.

CNN’s Ronald S. Martin was in the crowd for the show, and shared a play by-play via Twitter. “He’s spent more time going back & forth with one audience member, & pretty much stopped telling jokes … He got texted four times during his show and actually checked them … He’s just staring at the crowd & sighing … He’s been on stage 46 minutes & told one joke.”

Chappelle was performing for Alonzo Mourning’s youth charity. Don’t be surprised if people suddenly start asking for a refund on their donations.

Here’s video from the event. That’s a pretty pissed of crowd.


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One response to “Dave Chappelle Checks Text Messages on Stage”

  1. Pink_floyd_ftw says:

    Poor Dave trying to come back but cant because of idiots..

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