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Just For Laughs Twitterviews Russell Peters and More!

Posted on June 28, 2011 by

The world’s biggest and best comedy festival, which runs July 5th – 31 is ready to give audiences one of the best line-ups on record. They’re also grabbing social media by the horns and have completely changed their site, the result… it kicks ass.

Not only is the site a great destination for comedy, it’s now dong a series of what they’re calling TWITTERVIEWS… interviews on Twitter. Just For Laughs is interviewing the hottest comedians coming to the fest.  So far their impressive roster includes Jeremy Hotz, Ari Shaffir, Kenny Hotz, and on Tuesday, June 28, at 3PM Eastern… one of the biggest names in the comedy world… RUSSELL PETERS.

Fans will have the chance to tweet their questions to Russell during the interview as well as follow along by hashtagging  #JFLInterview

Just For Laughs will be asking questions that they tell us will be fun, comedic and interesting. Russell is hosting one of the biggest shows at the fest called RUSSELL PETERS: BEST NIGHT EVER (http://www.hahaha.com/en/montreal/act/1062).

For this show, Russell personally selected a line-up of his favourite and funniest comedian friends. It features special guest Jeremy Hotz. Also, Jimmy Carr, Dom Irrera, Sebastian Maniscalco, Nick Thune and others will be joining Russell as well.

If Russell wasn’t enough, they snagged the star of the hit sitcom MODERN FAMILY, Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cal. Eric will be doing a Twitterview Thursday, June 30 at 4:30PM Eastern. Fans can tweet their questions and follow along.

It’s an interesting approach to an old form of entertainment… the interview. It’s a great chance to try and ask your fav comedians your questions and follow the interview.

Offline and live on stage, big shows coming to the festival this summer include Craig Ferguson’s International House of Comedy, and Decline of the American Empire!? hosted by The Daily Show’s John Oliver.

For Just For Laughs ticket info, check out the newly revamped site at www.HaHaHa.com. Newly designed, this site has great features including a new mobile app, and creative English and French blogs that take you inside the fest in a comedic way.



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