Shania Twain Announces Las Vegas Residency

Posted on June 9, 2011 by

Shania Twain is taking up residency in Las Vegas, reports CTV.

After a long hiatus from singing, Twain plans to perform a two-year residency at Caesars Palace beginning in 2012.

“I will call Celine (Dion) — somebody should warn her now,” Twain joked at a news conference in Las Vegas. “I think Celine will be very insightful and very helpful.”

Since  taking up residency in Vegas is always a great boost for careers and proved so with fellow Canadian singer Dion, Twain is hoping it will help her kickstart her singing as well. Her career came to a halt after her marriage ended with producer Robert Lange.

Tickets will reportedly range from $55-250 and went on sale Wednesday evening.

“I’m beyond excited,” said Twain. “I feel like I’m on the top of the world. Honestly, I feel like I’ve climbed a very giant mountain and I’m just standing right on top with my arms open wide.

“This is really beautiful, really lovely, I’m very excited today.”

Good for her! I always said taking up residency in Vegas would be great for her, so I’m glad she made the smart decision. Not only can she spend time with her family on a stable schedule, but she will routinely get back into performing. I look forward to her return.


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