Chris’ Top 5: Annoying TV Characters

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With recent news of Taylor Momsen and Jessiza Szohr getting axed from ‘Gossip Girl,’ I thought I would do a ‘Top 5: Annoying TV Characters’ post.

These characters are in every show. That one character that likes to messes things up. That one who makes you scream at the television set. Or the just plain stupid. There are too many to name. But I’ve rounded up my top 5 picks of annoying television characters – hope you agree. I think you will.

1. Jenny Humphrey, played by Taylor Momsen.

First up on the list is ‘Gossip Girl’ Jenny Humphrey, played by Taylor Momsen. I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that her character is the most annoying character to ever appear on a television show, ever. From her  sulking, goth appearance, to her brief stint as a preppy Constance mean girl, Jenny was always a follower, and never an individual. She cried, she complained, and she wore fishnet stockings. Good riddance.

2. Marissa Cooper, played by Mischa Barton.

Next up is Marissa Cooper from ‘The O.C.,’ played by faded starlet Mischa Barton. Like Jenny, Marissa was always causing trouble. Whether in abusive relationships, dealing with substance abuse, or just all-around  a clingy kind of gal, Marissa made you want to shake her and say ‘wake up!’ Sure, she was pretty and rich, but that didn’t make up for her deeply damaged soul. She eventually got killed off, and the show tanked.

3. George O’Malley, played by T.R. Knight.

Third on the list is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ George O’Malley, played by T.R. Knight. George spent more time crying about his personal issues than curing medical cases. He was worse than the female doctors. Yes, the  show is a hit because of its mix of medical drama and soap-like personal issues, but George took this to a whole other level. He eventually got killed off, too (notice a trend?) but the show went on without him. And  with good reason.

4. Swiper, From ‘Dora The Explorer.’

Don’t lie, we’ve all witnessed an episode of ‘Dora The Explorer’ at one point in our life. Whether babysitting or being too lazy to switch the channel, we’ve encountered Swiper, the fox that likes to steal things. No matter how loud you scream ‘Swiper, no swiping!’ the bastard seems to always get away with things. He messes everything up and delays Dora’s adventure, and for that, he’s number four on my list. Sly little fox, you.

5. Roseanne Barr, Played by Roseanne Barr.

It doesn’t matter who I ask – everyone hates Roseanne. Debatably the most annoying show and annoying family, Roseanne takes the cake with her super-loud-mouth character. Literally, all she does is complain. Her loud nasally voice doesn’t help either. She’s obnoxious, she’s lazy, and she’s immature. And the sitcom’s reruns are always on the damn television. Why are good shows being cancelled and replaced with reruns of this clownery? Sigh.

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