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University Threatens To Expel Student After Appearing On ‘Jersey Shore’

Posted on May 19, 2011 by

The University of Florida is apparently furious that one of their students partied on camera with the ‘Jersey Shore’ crew. The officials who run the study abroad program in Italy, where the show is being filmed, have reportedly given their student an ultimatum; stay away from the cast or be expelled.

The¬†University of Florida sent out an email to students participating in their study abroad program in Italy, stating that “any student who does agree to participate in the filming of the show, or who signs a waiver or legal agreement of any sort with MTV, will be dismissed from the program immediately.”

The email also warned the students that any action deemed potentially embarrassing to the school “will not be tolerated.”¬†The school threatened to contact the student’s parental units to inform them why the school would be kicking them out of the program.

TMZ spoke with Janine Sikes, UF Director of Public Affairs, who said, “Generally speaking, students may participate in activities outside their Study Abroad program as long as they meet the academic and living requirements of that program.”

I mean, if the show doesn’t mention the university at all, why does it matter? I could understand if they didn’t want the cast and crew on their campus, but what students do on their own time is none of their business.

On the plus side, though, this is probably the closest that Snookie, The Situation or DJ Pauly D will ever get to being connected with academics.

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