John Mayer to Release New Album in October

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According to Twitter, Tumblr and teen girls international, John Mayer has announced that his new album will be titled “Born and Raised” and will be released this October.

Over the past few months, Mayer has maintained a low-profile following his over-exposed “douchebaggery” that spawned from the release of his last effort, “Battle Studies” in 2009. His decision to withdraw from the glossy pages of People and shenanigans over at TMZ included the deletion of his popular Twitter account. The idea behind this was reportedly  to reconnect with himself as a songwriter and expand his boundaries past the 140-character limitations.

However, he has made numerous surprise appearances to test his new material in random venues such as Eddie’s Attic, Greenwich Village Underground and the Hotel Cafe since November. These venues, especially Eddie’s Attics, were places that Mayer started his career over a decade ago. YouTube videos from these shows have resulted in strong reviews from both critics and fans, as they deliver the formally abandoned acoustic-songwriter side of Mayer that skipped out on the last two blues-heavy albums.

Mayer has been playing at countless charity functions as well, including Tiger Wood’s ‘Tiger-Jam’ with Keith Urban and Matt’s Promise Benefit. While including popular songs like “Waiting on the World to Change” and “Daughters” in his set list, he has sampled strong harmonica and acoustic driven songs that will potentially be on the upcoming album or for a rarity collection. These include (for your YouTube research): “Age of Worry”, “A Face to Call Home” “A Break In The Clouds”, “Something Like Olivia”, “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey”, “Show Me Something I Can Be”, “Portable Heart”, “Queen Of California”, “Up From The Skies/It Takes A Fool” and his cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right)”.

Here is “Born & Raised” at the Hotel Cafe, an early recording of the title track from the upcoming album.

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17 Responses to “John Mayer to Release New Album in October”

  1. KyleEHeuer says:


  2. Ditto !

    Cant wait for it ! 

  3. Ditto !

    Cant wait for it ! 

  4. Ana says:

    This song in Outsanding so so so beautiful as the artist himself.He’s got everything he needshe’s an artist, he don’t look back he’s got everything he needshe’s an artist, she don’t look backhe can take the dark out of nighttimeAnd paint the daytime black.yes!AMAZING!

  5. Sam_gamba14 says:

    just so love John Mayer so much..love his song..just exceptional…..

  6. Rosa says:

    OMG! I Can’t wait for his new CD.
    I wish I could put the time forward to October.

  7. Rosa says:

    OMG! I Can’t wait for his new CD.
    I wish I could put the time forward to October.

  8. Mr. Anderson says:

    battle studies was not blues heavy by any means

    • Underworldextreme_07 says:

      Actually if you look at the solos and chord progressions he uses they’re actually very bluesy through the use of minor pentatonic and blues notes etc..

  9. CorinaW says:

    this new songs are amazing

  10. rem says:

    I actually like the blues-style songs, so I hope he doesn’t abandon those.

  11. Tareq AK says:

    “up from the skies” is an old Hendrix song FYI.

  12. Via says:

    Can’t wait for the album !!

  13. Amazing album can’t wait any more….

  14. Cindy T says:

    Can’t wait to hear it:-)

  15. women says:

     I love this album, very nice

  16. jarred-austin says:

    I cant wait to hear his new stuff he is my absolute favorite musician i look up to evertyhing he does (musically)

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