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The Voice Vs. American Idol

Posted on May 7, 2011 by

I had a feeling there would be some competition between these shows. Let the reality-singing-catfight begin.

The Voice’s Adam Levine, who front runs Maroon 5, was the first to fire a verbal shot when he said on the last episode:

“The people that we’re not turning our chairs around for could win American Idol.”


American Idol’s Randy Jackson was quick to fire back, though. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s a great thing when talent can be simple, honest and revered as opposed to spinning around with gimmicky chairs. Maybe Simon Cowell should have people opening doors. Like, ‘Knock, knock; Who’s singing? I can’t see you!'”

Jackson continued, saying “Look, none of these other shows could exist without somebody forging the path before them. I’m happy to say that Idol did that and paved the way.”

Listen, I think there’s room for both shows. I’m sure anyone who tunes into American Idol will tune into The Voice, and vice versa, so let’s all be friendly, K?

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