Kristen Stewart Receives a Motorcycle for her 21st Birthday

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We guess Kristen Stewart is more like her Twilight character, Bella Swan, than we thought!

Instead of ringing in her 21st birthday with the traditional booze, her Breaking Dawn co-stars decided to wring in Stewart’s big 2-1 with none other than a motorcycle as a gift, reports MTV.

“Rob was so excited for Kristen, and they each took turns riding it. Kristen learned to ride a dirt bike in ‘New Moon‘ so they thought it would be appropriate,” a source said. “Rob was supervising as she sat on it to make sure she was OK. They looked like they were having a great time, and it will be something they can really enjoy!”

Stewart, along with beau Robert Pattinson and co-star Taylor Lautner, among others, celebrated her big day at Rockwell’s Bar & Grill in Squamish, British Columbia on her birthday this past Saturday night.

“Rob led the crowd singing for her, and you could tell she was so embarrassed but in a cute way!” a source told Us Weekly. “Everyone was in a good mood, but it was a bittersweet night [as filming is almost complete].”

As excited as you are about your new gift, Kristen, we advise you to be careful –a shirtless and “sorta beautiful” Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner can’t always be there to help you when you fall!

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