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It’s Franco, Professor James Franco

Posted on March 26, 2011 by

James Franco; the sleepless actor, campy director, theatre producer, writer, student, painter and now professor?

He gave NYU a shout-out at the Oscars, and according to an email sent to Washington Square News, next year he will be teaching a section of graduate film students.

Franco was asked why he hasn’t been very vocal about attending NYU, in response he wrote:

“I love NYU. My fellow NYU film students are some of my closest friends. I mentioned NYU at the Oscars and on David Letterman; I don’t know how to be more vocal about it. I will be teaching NYU graduate students next year.”

According to John Tintori, the chair of the graduate division of the Kanbar Institute of Film and TV, Franco will be teaching a section of third year directing in the fall. He also said that Franco has met with poet Louise Gluck and has her blessing for an adaptation of her work.

“James’ own film work has been based on poems, or about poets, so this is a nice fit for him,” Tintori wrote in an email. “James has an amazing mind. And limitless energy. Our students will be fortunate to learn from him.”

For those not set to attend class with Prof. Franco, “Your Highness” will be in theatres this April.


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  1. Kelseydesiderio says:

    Here is the link to the original article:

  2. wader says:

    He will be a sessional not a professor.

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