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Shawn Doyle (Big Love, Lost) and Patrick Gallagher (Glee, True Blood) Star in Endgame

Posted on March 22, 2011 by

What is the foundation of a great TV show? A great TV cast. Shawn Doyle, who has appeared in “Big Love” and “Lost,” along with Patrick Gallagher, who has appeared in “Glee” and “True Blood” star in the new Showcase series “Endgame.” The show follows a Russian World Champion chess champion (played by Doyle) who is traumatized by his finacee’s murder, and left a prisoner to his Vancouver hotel room. To pay his hotel bill, he helps the police solve crimes.

Will it be a hit? We will see.. Check it out on Monday’s at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


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  • Daniel Sillitto

    I totally agree. Letterman was such a prick. I guess he forgot that without the viewers there wouldn’t have been a show. Shows are paid by advertisers and advertisers don’t invest in shows which no one watches. A little bit more respect and gratitude please for choosing to watch this 9 years when I could have just watch any other show.

  • cesue

    Well Letterman is a jerk period. Clearly he never watched the show. As for the actors defending the ending, of course they are. They want to work again and won’t publicly say so soon after the end that they disagreed with the outcome even if they did–there are afterall also DVD/Blu-Ray sales of the last season to contend with. The reality is that this ending was rushed and ultimately as much as they are selling it as ‘innovative’ basically just became a “Friends” rehash the second that they made Ted the pathetic, love-struck loser (Ross), Robin the self-centered, princess, obsessed with her career (Rachel), and Barney (the guy who tries with one girl to really commit, fails, so is therefore destined to be a hopeless player). It wasn’t ‘new’ its was rehashed garbage and that was upsetting. I had no problems really with them killing off the mother–it is sad that we got like 5 minutes of relationship after 9 years, but alas the death was fine. The issue is that Ted went back to Robin like the lovesick, pathetic loser that he always was. Perhaps in the early conception of the show it was understandable why Robin was such an it girl, but in the same manner that one didn’t quite understand what was so endearing about Rachel and why two friends would risk their friendship for the show-proclaimed ‘it girl’, there was nothing about Robin that ultimately screamed out yeah I can see why two best friends would be passing this girl back in forth between one another for the better part of a decade.