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Eva Longoria Rings in 36 The Right Way

Posted on March 17, 2011 by

In celebration of Eva Longoria’s 36th birthday on Tuesday, the recently-divorced actress went all out, throwing a 1920’s Flapper-themed birthday bash! Among attendees were Penelope Cruz and hubby Javier Bardem, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Kanye West. Definitely sounds like a party!

Apprently Kardashian thought it was, because she took to her twitter, saying, “Me and my girl Heidi Klum getting [our] gangster on! I love this 20’s era!” How cute!

At the party, Longoria showed off new beau Eduardo Cruz!

“Eva and Eduardo were so cute. They were kissing and making out all night. He’s so genuine. It was such a low-key intimate party. Eva had an amazing night with her closest friends. It was maybe 40 people,” said a source, according to Perez Hilton.

But the actual day of her birth was spent at the “happiest place on earth:”

“Thank you everyone for the wonderful bday wishes! I’m celebrated with my family at the happiest place on earth! Disneyland,” Longoria posted on Facebook.

Well isn’t that cute! When I’m 36, I definitely want to celebrate with Mickey and Minnie! Truth is, it does sound kind of fun, though. Gotta love me some Disney!

“But,” Longoria added on Facebook, “the real celebration will be in Vegas this weekend at Eve and Beso at City Center Friday Night! See you there!” Now that sounds more like it – phew! Got a little nervous there for a second.

Hope you enjoy, Eva! We’ll all be there in spirit.

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  1. ctyler says:

    She had been with this guy, Eduardo, for months prior to her divorce. She wanted to move to New York to further her fading career. Tony had a chance to sign with the Knicks, but chose to stay at home with the Spurs. There were rumors from that point on about her seeing Eduardo. She had her PR machine go into overdrive about her divorce. She actually held up the announcement so that the tabloid that paid her for the story would break it first. Amazingly cold and calculating person. Not to mention cheater.

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