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Kanye West’s “All of The Lights” Gets Epilepsy Warning

Posted on February 25, 2011 by

Kanye West’s new music video for “All of The Lights” has received an Epilepsy warning from a British organization called Epilepsy Action, according to MTV News.

The charity group provides support for people with epilepsy, and says that the video “should not be broadcast on U.K. television.”

“However, the Kanye West video is still available online, most notably on YouTube where it has had several million hits, and no such regulations exist for online broadcasting,” said the organization in a statement.

As a result of this outburst, the video, which features a barely-dressed Rihanna, has been pulled from many stations including MuchMusic. “We are pleased to see that YouTube and Kanye West’s representatives have listened to our concerns and are warning people that the video is a risk to some people,” Epilepsy Action campaigns manager Aimee Gee said to MTV.

It’s true that the online world of broadcasting has drastically different rules than the television world – meaning there really are no rules for online broadcasting. It’ll be much harder for the music video to be pulled from YouTube than it was to get pulled from television, simply due to the fact that the online world is a free, post-whatever-you-want world. Warning ads have been placed before the video, though.

Now, I don’t know if I just feel bad for Kanye, but the dude just can’t catch a break. Ever since the Taylor Swift fiasco at the Grammys, his career has never been able to fully recover. Although the song is currently at number 14 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, his video now risks the chance of getting pulled from all media outlets. Poor guy!

I don’t know if pulling the video from everywhere is the solution, though. The obvious answer to this problem seem simple to me; if you have epilepsy, don’t watch a music video called “All of The Lights“. I mean, lights is your first clue that you probably won’t enjoy it. Secondly, I realize that maybe someone could stumble upon the video and have an epileptic seisure, but how about changing the channel if you see bright lights? How are these flashing lights different from Ke$ha or Britney Spears’ videos?

I’ve personally seen the video and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was different, unique, and a fresh change from the usual videos played today. It seems like all the good videos are getting censored nowadays. Just a couple weeks ago, Rihanna’s “S&M” video got pulled in some countries as it was too ‘risky’. I mean, we live in a modern century, a little risky or bright lights won’t hurt anyone. Well, maybe, but you know what I mean.

Does that mean all strobe light parties are at risk of extinction too? Will the world become an abyss of black and white? Will all creativity be banished from our lives, and we’ll be forced to watch Glee episodes on repeat for the rest of eternity?

I know I’m being rash, but I mean, I feel bad for the guy. The video is good. Let Kanye have his moment.

See the video below and be careful!

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