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Christina Applegate Shows off Baby Sadie

Posted on February 16, 2011 by

Former “Married With Children” star Christina Applegate is on the cover of PEOPLE this week with her new baby Sadie.

“I felt my heart literally open up for the first time and like wrap itself around her. It was profound,” Applegate, 39, said, adding she’s “more in love with her every minute of the day.”

We can’t forget that Christina had a rough few years with breast cancer, eventually beating it.

And now she has Sadie.

“Yeah, now I’m Mom,” Applegate told the magazine. “She’s healed me in so many ways. She’s just made my life so much better. She’s opened my whole soul.”

She has come a long way from Kelly Bundy, but she still looks hot. Christina, welcome to MILF hood.

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