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Golden Globes Winners and Losers

Posted on January 17, 2011 by
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It was a big night for showbiz as Hollywood’s most talented gathered in Los Angeles for the 2011 Golden Globes. The ever-hilarious Ricky Gervais hosted, bringing his trademark barbed quips and off-the-cuff jokes to the stage as the room celebrated the most inspired productions of the year.

Big winners included The Social Network, who took home the awards Best Director, Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Screenplay, and Best Original Score. Musical Comedy Glee also took home a bucketful of globes, including one for fan favourite Chris Colfer’s performance on the show.

But the most buzzed-about win of the night was Natalie Portman’s statue for her work in Black Swan, the Darren Aronofsky thriller about a ballerina driven mad by her role in the classic ballet Swan Lake.

We’re pretty unhappy that Christopher Nolan’s Inception didn’t fare very well, but you can’t win ‘em all, right?

Click HERE for a full list of last night’s winners and losers!


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  • Jacob Cullen

    I don’t think she cares, so why waste your time making fun of her?

  • Reshma B

    Lol thought this was very funny. LOVE Jennifer Lawrence!