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Canada Loses Out on Michael Jackson Documentary

Posted on December 1, 2010 by

Canadian audiences missed out on a piece of Michael Jackson history by not being able to see the documentary “Gone Too Soon.” Now the owners of the film are going after the distributor who did not live up to his contractual obligation.

TMZ reports Objective Films, LLC has filed a lawsuit against a company headed by Pierre Turgeon. In the lawsuit Objective claims they sold the French and Canadian distribution rights to Pierre’s company in exchange for $100k back in 2009.

Objective claims they received $50,000 but Pierre reneged on the other half. Objective was able to get the flick distributed in France … Canada wasn’t so lucky. Objective further claims Turgeon never really wanted to do legitimate business with Objective, however he just wanted the MJ affiliation to inflate his stock price.

Turgeon tells a different story to TMZ — saying, “The movie was bad  … so we applied the clause (in our contract) that enabled us to not pick up the rights to the movie.”

He adds, “We paid in advance in good faith $50,000 for the project  … We plan to get back our $50,000.”

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2 Responses to “Canada Loses Out on Michael Jackson Documentary”

  1. Bser says:

    Turgeon has been convicted of fraud

  2. David H says:

    I would be rather disapointed if I hadn’t got to see this. I hope they play it all over the world. Michael apart from the documentary has so much coming out; his album, dvd and video game that he has proven unlike the song title; this really isn’t it http://davidhatton1987.blogspot.com/2010/06/is-this-it.html

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