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Lindsay Lohan Escapes…Um, “Goes on Field Trip” With Fellow Rehab Patients

Posted on November 8, 2010 by

Lindsay Lohan was spotted out on the town yet again this week – this time perusing Borders and catching a quick flick with some pals from the Betty Ford Center.

Radar Online reports that Lohan picked up a magazine at the bookstore before heading over to Century Theatres with a gaggle of fellow patients. It’s unknown what film they settled on seeing, but we can bet that it wasn’t Lohan’s latest bomb, Machete!

Lindsay was also spotted outside of rehab last Tuesday, when she hit up Forever 21 for some new duds. Hey, girl’s gotta look fresh, even in rehab!

We hope this means Lindsay’s feeling better but she’s got to stay for her full treatment or she’ll never get better! Don’t give up, loca!

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