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Charlie Sheen’s Mystery Girl Comes Out of the Bathroom

Posted on October 28, 2010 by

After Charlie Sheen’s Monday evening of debaucheries that included trashing a Plaza hotel room and getting plastered and his subsequent ¬†hospitalization for intoxication, reports surfaced that a mystery girl was locked in his bathroom reports TMZ.com.

Who is this mystery girl? Well, the natural assumption is that it was a prostitute or call girl. I thought Heidi Fleiss was out of business? I guess Charlie kind of did something right this time…it was not a call girl (or so she says) it was a 22-year-old porn star by the name of Capri Anderson. Her legal name is Christina Walsh. Good thing she changed it.¬†Anderson, who claims she had met Charlie for the first time Monday night, was apparently afraid of the big bad Charlie so she called hotel security on him while locking herself in the bathroom.

It was also reported that no drugs were found in the hotel room. Maybe Charlie has given up cocaine and hookers once and for all. Will he give up drinking next? Perhaps he will join Lindsay Lohan at the Betty Ford Clinic sometime soon. Tom Arnold will be out soon and she’ll need a new friend.

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