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Lindsay Lohan Annoyed with her SCRAM Bracelet

Posted on October 15, 2010 by

Lindsay Lohan checked into the Betty Ford Centre in order to stay sober, and despite doing so, the SCRAM bracelet around her ankle is still attached.  According to RadarOnline, Lindsay can’t wait to get rid of the thing, and is doing everything she can to get it off.

“Lindsay wants her alcohol monitoring device off – now,” a source said.  The source continued, saying that “Lindsay complains because it is supposedly very uncomfortable,” and that she is hoping that her lawyer will be able to set her free from the device soon.

Lindsay violated her probation after serving 13 days in jail, testing positive for cocaine, furthering the actress’ spiral downward.  Judge Schnegg allowed Lindsay to post bail for the probation violation, but as a condition she has to wear the SCRAM up until, and maybe after, her next court hearing on the 22nd of October.

“Lindsay doesn’t understand why she has to wear the SCRAM because she voluntarily checked into rehab and she is tested for drugs while being at Betty Ford,” the source said.

We think it’s pretty obvious though, Lindsay.

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One response to “Lindsay Lohan Annoyed with her SCRAM Bracelet”

  1. Paul Whittaker says:

    Why is she forced to wear her stupid fascist ankle bracelet in rehab….just to prove what a stupid fascist country we’ve turned into….

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