Timbaland Possibly Suicidal

Posted on August 25, 2010 by

Proof that money doesn’t buy you everything, it just buys you bigger problems. TMZ reports that a huge search effort was placed on Timbaland yesterday after his family believed he maybe suicidal.

Apparently a $2 Million piece of jewelry was stolen from the music producer. Timbaland called his brother in law yesterday to discuss the robbery which took place at his house, and was deeply upset as he believed it was orchestrated by someone close. His family believed he may be suicidal, and called the police.

A massive search effort was put in place to look for Timbaland’s Escalade, and he was eventually spotted and pulled over by police. Officers spoke with him and took him back home. After an examination by paramedics, it was concluded he is not a threat to himself or anybody else.

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