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Lindsay Lohan Gets Rehab at the Beach

Posted on July 31, 2010 by

Lindsay Lohan might not be getting treated like a star in jail (not that anyone should expect to be) but once she gets out her odds are going to turn in her favour, at least by a little bit.

As per Judge Marsha Revel’s orders, Lohan has to complete a 90-day rehab program after she’s done serving her “hard time” and TMZ has learned that she will be spending her three month stint at a facility located in Newport Beach, California.  Now, rehab can’t be all fun and games, but Lohan definitely lucked out with getting this location!

Lohan will be getting out of jail in the next few days and must show up at the rehab centre within 24 hours of her release—just enough time to pack her bikini and sunglasses!

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One response to “Lindsay Lohan Gets Rehab at the Beach”

  1. I am really not a Lindsay Lohan fan but I think she is being treated unfairly. When she was younger and trendy, she was every bodies favorite. But now, she's a little older and sure she may have a problem with drinking and smoking but she needs help not criticism.

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