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Sarah Palin Not Happy About Levi Johnston’s Engagement To Daughter Bristol Palin

Posted on July 15, 2010 by

With the recent announcement of Bristol Palin’s, daughter of Sarah Palin, re-engagement to Levi Johnston, you think Sarah would be somewhat happy. Apparently not.

PopEater reports that Sarah has already made threats to Levi if he harms her family again.

“Levi did everything he could to destroy Sarah and her family. He has accused Sarah of being a bad mother, a bad wife and a bad leader. How can he walk back into their life like nothing happened? He should think again,” a Palin insider tells PopEater. “He may have won Bristol back, but he will never gain the trust of Sarah. She doesn’t forgive and forget.”

Sarah is furious with Bristol according to insiders, and feels this is a huge mistake. However let’s hope that with Levi’s 15 minutes of fame being over, the guy will focus on being a good husband and father. Realistically, what else does he have going for him?


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