Chad Kroeger Fires Housekeeper…For Wearing Girlfriend’s Clothes?

Posted on June 15, 2010 by

Wait, wait… Chad Kroeger has a girlfriend?

Sorry, enough jokes. Here’s the scoop.

As CHARTattack.com reports, Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger has made headlines recently for firing his housekeeper, Arlene Morris.

The firing took place just a few days before Nickelback’s Vancouver concert on June 3. Morris says that Kroeger had promised her tickets to the show for her five songs, but took the offer back after she was fired.

To add insult to injury, Morris’ 11-year-old son was so sad over the events that he wrote a letter to the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

“[Eight] months were waiting and the day is just about here when my mom gets a call,” Morris’ son wrote. “Oh wow how hard that was, she tells us the tickets were cancelled guys im sorry and not only that he fires her too.”

“Well mr CHAD KRUGER WE dont think your cool and we took your stupid picture off our rockstar wall cause you dont deserve to sit up there with john lennon, mick jagger or bob dylan,” the letter continued.

Jonathan Simkin, Nickelback’s manager, told the Vancouver Province newspaper that Morris was fired for taking Kroeger’s girlfriend’s discarded clothes – an act that Morris denies. Simkin also said that Morris was not directly employed by Kroeger, but had actually been hired by a fellow employee. That same employee was apparently the one who decided to fire her.

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2 Responses to “Chad Kroeger Fires Housekeeper…For Wearing Girlfriend’s Clothes?”

  1. Dmountain says:

    Someone needs to proof read there work. ” promised her tickets to the show for her five songs”.

  2. Tattrianna says:

    Someone needs to proof read “their” work before they post a comment.

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